How to Encourage Your Children to Read

Advice for new and reluctant readers

Every child is different and that must be recognized. Here are some strategies for raising happy and healthy readers.

Dear Friends,

Parents often wonder how they can get their children to read without complaining. I think the first step is to provide the child options. When we provide our children with a variety of reading materials, it makes it easier for them to find something that resonates.

On the other hand, sometimes it’s necessary to include the option to do another activity instead of reading. In my experience, some children only like to read when they don’t feel like they must read. After all, when we put pressure on someone to do something, it takes away from the joy.

If we want to have lifelong joyful readers, then we have to replace the need to control or push our children with patience and creativity.

For example, I have found that some children don’t like to read books, but they like to read other things. I had a student where we would read age-appropriate newspaper articles together, and that helped keep him interested until I discovered that he only enjoyed reading science books.

In my personal life, my youngest son did not like to read books, but he liked to read instruction manuals. Eventually he started to like books, but it took time. I just kept offering them to him with no pressure.

On the other hand, my other son has always loved books and has been reading since he was two and a half. Every child is different.

What is your child interested in? Can you find books that match those interests?

There are also magazines for children. I prefer magazines with no advertising so Cricket Media provides a selection of children’s magazines that do not have any advertisements. Children like to get their own mail so that could be an option as well.

Overall, in my opinion it’s best to just relax and have confidence that with your loving support, your child will acquire the skills that he or she needs.



Become a Confident Reader!
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