I believe that when learning is centered around the learner, you get the best results.

Hi, I’m Jennifer. I’m from the United States.

I’m an English language coach, literacy tutor, curriculum developer, and a corporate communications trainer.

I started my career as a corporate writer and editor. Writing press releases, training manuals, and sales copy for various industries turned me into a quick researcher and a personal encyclopedia.

I am skilled at helping my clients effortlessly use industry-specific language. I also like to include positive mindset strategies within my lessons. I believe we all have the responsibility to be the best that we can be, and that includes our attitudes and mindsets.
Each lesson I give is tailored to the student’s individual need because I know that you get the best results when you focus on internal motivation.

Also, I feel that an optimistic attitude and a good sense of humor helps to make things more enjoyable.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a minor in Spanish. I’m TESOL certified and I am completing a Master’s in Education. I am also a homeschool educator and work as public school Tier 2 reading tutor.

Educational Philosophy

I believe that teachers are facilitators of educational experiences and not guardians of all wisdom.

I believe that children are inherently curious and willing learners, and they will remain that way if provided an encouraging environment.

I believe that education should personalized. Yet, I also believe that everyone can learn the same things, but it doesn’t have to be done in the same way.

My philosophy also says that knowledge of self is more important than memorizing things that may or may not actually be relevant to one’s life.

I don’t believe in producing educated robots that get in line and follow the script of life. If the script was working for the people who must participate in it, the world would be in much better condition.

In the Classroom

My philosophy impacts my classroom practices because I ask my students about their strengths, weaknesses, and personal interests. This helps me to create a flexible learning environment.