Help Your Child Become a Better Writer

From reluctance to inspiration….

Here are some strategies for helping your child to become a better writer.

Dear Friends,

Reading and writing are integrated skills. When we try to separate them in an educational context, it does the student a disservice. As a private educator, sometimes parents just want me to help their child with reading comprehension, or they just want me to focus on writing. I will certainly do that – but in a way that integrates both skills.

In my opinion, if a child needs help becoming a better writer, then they should read as much as possible. One must read examples of quality writing in order to be able to produce them. In this way it’s not just about repeating sentence structure concepts; it’s more about making connections based on one’s actual experience.

One of the best ways to encourage children to read is to let them read what interests them. If they like comic books, then let them read comic books. If they like video games, then let them read books about the various aspects of video games. If they like science, then choose non-fiction science books. Some children enjoy reading periodicals so make that an option as well.

Writing follows a similar format. Discover what your children’s interests are and let them write about it. I like to start my students off with writing about themselves as a path to self-discovery and improvement. I also like to use reflection questions to teach sentence structure and grammar. Overall, it’s about giving choices, and connecting those choices to practical life skills.

Become a Confident Reader!
I offer online reading and writing tutoring. My teaching style is compassionate and motivational. I also believe that learning should be fun. Bringing out the best in a student requires patience, encouragement, and building rapport. Find out more about my services.

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