Online Reading Tutoring Format 

Many parents want to know the typical format of an online reading tutoring session. Because my specialty is recognizing the uniqueness in each child, there is no “typical” session. Each session is geared towards the learners needs.

However, in general my lessons are structured in this way:

  1. Read a passage together and answer questions
  2. Look at the picture and tell me a story
  3. Fill in the blanks to this story, and then let’s read it
  4. Read a story together and fill in a chart

There might also be word games and writing activities – it just depends on the learner. A session with a learner who needs help with phonics will look different than a session with a learner who needs reading comprehension strategies.

Payment Policies

I’ve found that 40 minute sessions once or twice a week works best. The student should expect a homework assignment after each lesson.

Payment is due before each session is considered booked.

Your sessions are scheduled for the same time each week, for as many sessions as you require.


One 40-minute session $65

Six 40-minute sessions – $270

Twelve 40-minute sessions – $540


Cancellation and Refund Policy

My intent is to make things as simple and fair to all parties involved. I appreciate as much notice as possible for any schedule changes. This allows me to manage my time wisely.

Cancellation Policy: if you must cancel or reschedule a session, then at least 48-hrs notice required or you are charged the amount of the session. If you miss your session and I have not received any notification from you, or you provide less than 48-hours notice your session fee is non-refundable.

If I must cancel due to illness or circumstances beyond my control, I will always provide as much notice as possible. If we are unable to reschedule the session, then the fee for that session will be refunded.

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