Kind Words For Kids : How to Communicate with Empathy and Tact

In this class students will discover that communicating with kindness helps us to build good relationships with others. When we have good relationships with one another, everyone wins.

We will read about and discuss the importance of using kind words, showing tact, showing empathy, and thinking before you speak.

I have written stories to illustrate these concepts. After reading these stories, we will answer questions and share ideas on the best ways to respond to the scenarios. Everyone is free to share their opinions.

If there is time a song might be included, but singing is always optional!

We may use examples of unkind language and discuss how to give a more compassionate response; however none of the examples are vulgar.

Details: This one-time course is hosted online via Zoom.

Sections: Ages 7-11

Enrollment: Please contact me for current information on times/dates/enrollment policies. Just send an email with your request and I’ll reply with an up-to-date schedule.