Conversation Clubs For Teens and Preteens

In this ongoing course students will have a relaxing environment to color practice their conversational skills. Students can make new friends and learn personal development skills.

Each week an age-appropriate coloring PDF will be uploaded for the students to print and bring to class. Alternatively, students can bring their own sheet. The class will consist of coloring and having casual conversations about inspiring topics.

Though I will be facilitating the discussions, this is more of a guided process than a structured class. It’s about having a safe space to relax, chat, color.

Every student will have a chance to participate if they’d like to. If the student would rather just color, that is fine as well.

Details: This group course is hosted online via Zoom. Students can join for as many or few sessions as needed.

Sections: Teens 13-17 and Youth 8-12

Enrollment: Please contact me for current information on times/dates/enrollment policies. Just send an email with your request and I’ll reply with an up-to-date schedule.